Web Series

Maximising capacity and capability to drive engagement and motivation

25 June - Live at 10am

Join us for a live webinar and hear from Ilze Walton Director of People & Culture for Humankind, as she walks you through how to assess capabilities within your teams and utilise extra capacity within roles. We will also be joined by Ester Nicolay, GM of People, Systems and Culture for TPT Group Holdings.

Live Webinar: Constructing your workplace wellbeing strategy

9:00am - 9th July 2020

Join us for a half day live webinar workshop and hear from our People and Wellbeing practitioners as they teach you how to design, develop, implement, measure and review a wellbeing strategy that works for your entire organisation.

We’re bringing you this free content to help you through the aftermath of COVID-19 and help you on the road to recovery. We’re running one live webinar a week in this series, in addition to our other learning and events also aimed at helping you get through. Designed to be informative and interactive, you’ll always have the chance to ask our expert speakers your burning questions.

Managing the impacts of Omicron
on your business

Hear from Government representatives, Paul Jarvie, Health & Safety and Employment Relations Manager, and Matt Dearing, Head of Legal at the EMA cover everything you need to know about Omicron in the workplace.

Traffic Light and Verification

Join us for a 90-minute webinar where our experts from MBIE and EMA cover the latest learnings about the traffic light system, worker implications and the verification process. journey.

Support for Auckland SMEs

On behalf of the Auckland Business Leaders group, the EMA is hosting the Minister for Small Business Hon Stuart Nash who provides more detail about the additional support for Auckland businesses, particularly SMEs.

Vaccination in the workplace

MBIE’s Policy Director Shane Kinley covered the new Protection Framework and what it means for businesses in practice. Auckland Airport’s GM of Corporate Affairs Mary-Liz Tuck shared how a large front-line business effectively pushed a strict directive around vaccinations from the get-go. 

Resident Visa 2021 with Hon Kris Faafoi

Join us to hear directly from our Minister of Immigration, Hon Kris Faafoi talk about the details of this visa and how it will help New Zealand businesses retain and attract the people they need.

Adapting to New Alert Level 3

Dean Ford, GM – Economic Development and Transitions from MBIE and Paul Jarvie, EMA’s Head of Health & Safety/Employment Relations will guide you through what to do when bringing your teams back into the workplace and what this looks like under the New Alert Level 3.

Successfully Closing Your Business

Hear about our experts who will explain what is involved in closing your business, along with helpful advice on how to do it the right way. It is a hard task for anyone, and we will also provide you with tips and support on how to make the process easier for you and your team.

Business Travel and Boundaries

Live webinar with Dean Ford from MBIE to cover off the rules around Auckland and Northland businesses operating at Alert Level 4, and details of how cross border travel will work.

Privacy Act changes on Dec 1

In this webinar hear directly from Privacy Commissioner John Edwards about upcoming changes to the Privacy Act and what they mean for your business when it comes to keeping information safe. 

Literacy & Numeracy

Lower levels of literacy and numeracy can impact productivity and communication in the course of daily work, and impact on how your business performs. A new Government funded initiative can help. Learn more in this webinar.

Post-election Priorities

Hard on the heels of the election of the new Government our panel of experts give you their take on what the result means for the New Zealand business landscape.

The Manifesto

As a member of the EMA you have a direct line to senior Government officials through our advocacy and policy work. This is core part of what we do on behalf of members to ensure they have a voice on issues that impact on business. Hear from Head of Advocacy and Strategy for the EMA Alan McDonald as he outlines the key areas we will be focusing on with Government post election, which forms the basis of our 2020 EMA Election Manifesto.

How to Navigate Immigration Issue

In this webinar replay, the EMA’s Policy Advisor on immigration Sonja Rose is joined by Immigration expert Lukas Sousa from Malcolm Pacific to discuss the biggest challenges businesses are facing around immigration and providing practical tips on how to overcome them.

Cyber Security

During this webinar hear from John Martin, a thought leader on security and privacy from the IBM Security Business Unit, and Maddy Shepherd of CERT NZ, the Government’s arm that helps businesses stay resilient to cyber security threats.

Alert Level 3: Helping you to get through

Listen to the EMA’s Chief Executive Brett O’Riley, Head of Legal Matthew Dearing and Employment Relations and Safety Manager Paul Jarvie give an update on Alert Level 3 issues and answer your questions. 

Rebuilding New Zealand's Economy Digitally - Techweek

Tech leaders Mitchell Pham, Mike Smith and Michael Whitehead give their take on what the Government’s plan should be, what NZ needs to do to be a world leader in the digital space and what ‘going digital’ really means, especially for SMEs.

What’s in the country’s Recovery Plan?

Minister for Infrastructure, Regional Economic Development and Forestry, Hon Shane Jones will cover this off, as well more detail about ‘shovel-ready’ projects and those to be funded by the Provincial Growth Fund in the EMA’s membership area from Taupo North.

What's Happening with Immigration

In this webinar replay you will hear from the Minister of Immigration the Hon Iain Lees-Galloway as he covers the latest changes to immigration, provides updates on visa processing and answers questions from an audience of over 400 attendees.

Support Local, Shop Local

Hear our experts from Ryan Jennings, Executive Director of Buy NZ Made, Dane Ambler, Campaign Manager for Shop Kiwi and the Marketing Association Chief Executive, John Miles as they share their expertise on market positioning, consumer inspiration and teach you practical ideas to drive sales through efficient, cost effective marketing.

Trade recovery strategy update with MFAT

Hear from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Deputy Secretary, Vangelis Vitalis, and Divisional Manager of the Economic Division, Catherine Graham, who share details of plans to get trade back on track so businesses can rebuild and recover

Managing Cashflow

In this video hear from Chartered Accountants Association members Kimberley Jenkinson, Partner from Bendall and Cant, and Phillip Smith, CA from Next Advisory, as they walk you through how to make the most out of Government assistance packages, where to look first when making efficiency gains and share top tips and best practise for forecasting in a post pandemic business environment.

Manufacturing - The key to rebuilding the economy

In this video, we hear from EMA Chief Executive Brett O’Riley, Dieter Adam, the EMA’s The Manufacturers’ Network Executive Director, and Nick Collins, Chief Executive of Metals NZ, as they discuss the current state of local manufacturing, and talk you through where opportunity lies for growth and prosperity.

Anchoring on E-Commerce – A practical starters guide on your virtual shop window

Hear from Julian Bartram, Local Community Manager for Shopify, as he breaks down the capabilities and opportunities the Shopify platform provides, and how you can utilise the tools to drive an exceptional customer experience.Travis O’Keefe, CEO of Tewhare Hukahuka & Nuku, joins for a live QnA where we answer all of your burning e-commerce questions. 

Contact tracing under Alert Level 2

Hear from Rob Fyfe from the Government’s Operations Command Centre, and the EMA’s Health and Safety and Employment Manager Paul Jarvie, to hear more about the importance of contact tracing for your staff, suppliers, and customers during COVID-19 and beyond.

Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges

In this video, hear from Hon Simon Bridges as he discusses National’s plan for getting New Zealand working again by lifting the restrictions that are flattening the economy. Simon takes you through what else National would do to help businesses through the aftermath of the pandemic, including GST cash refunds, further lifting the threshold to expense new cashflow, and extending wage subsidies.

Health & Safety Approach to Level 2

In this video, we hear from the EMA’s Paul Jarvie, Manager Employment Relations and Safety, Head of Legal Matthew Dearing, and Group General Manager of HR for Briscoes Group, Aston Moss. They’ll take you through what Alert Level 2 looks like from a health and safety and legal point of view.

Building a culture of thriving, not just coping under Alert Level 2

In this video you will hear from Paula Stenhouse, People & Capability Manager at Trustpower as she shares their people strategy story and the continuing journey, and dives into how and why organizational learning and open communication is at the heart of their culture.

Key considerations for boards of directors, landlords and tenants

In this video, we hear from Andrew Comer, James Cochrane and Paul Connolly, Partners at Stace Hammond as they talk through director’s obligations and duties, and what has changed for leasing under Alert Level 3. They also discuss proposed changes to legislation in The Companies Act, including the Business Debt Hibernation scheme.

Web Series

In partnership with

The EMA, ATEED and the Regional Business Partner Network have partnered to bring you free content to help you combat the ongoing issues businesses are facing in response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.  We’ll be running three sessions a week on the topics that you’ve been asking us about.  Join one of our live Q+A sessions to ask our speaker experts your burning questions.  From helping employers tackle mental health to tools around cashflow and redeployment, this series is focussed on connecting businesses with practical tips to help you get through.

Rebooting Capability & Capacity - enabling your people to drive innovation

We need to reboot, not only what people do, but how they do it and make the most of the circumstances, resources and people you’ve currently got. Hear from Pat Macfie, Global Director of Design & Innovation from Indigo, and Cheewei Kwan, Partner at Kerridge & Partners for this discussion and QnA.

Rebuilding Customer Base - Rethinking channels, storyline & pipeline

Dan Maas, Digital Director for MBM and Ex-Global Head of Digital Content for Icebreaker, as he guides you through how to win back customers using engaging storytelling and rethinking how you utilise channels.

Infrastructure update with Hon. Shane Jones

Minister for Infrastructure, the Honourable Shane Jones discussed how the Provincial Growth Fund can support the Infrastructure sector, and we heard from Mark Binns, Chairman of Crown Infrastructure Partners who talked through the hurdles of starting shovel-ready projects quickly.

Medical Absence / COVID19 as an illness

The arrival of a new illness doesn’t mean the rules no longer apply. Watch today’s video and hear from Shelley Kopu, Employment Law Leader from EY Law as she talks you through navigating medical absence with your staff, employer obligations of good faith, sick leave and The Privacy Act.

Health & Safety Approach to Level 3s

Focussing on the Health and Safety of getting back to work at Alert Level 3, we are joined by experts from Worksafe, the EMA and BusinessNZ as they address key considerations for business in general as the nation moves from essential economic activity to safe economic activity.

Supply Chain sustainability

Hear from Craig Sain, General Manager of Commercial Relationships, and Reinhold Goeschl, General Manager of Supply Chain from Ports of Auckland, as they provide an update on road and rail disruptions, how the Port is operating in the different lock down levels, and explain how you can optimise cargo resources.

Manufacturing guidelines for moving to Level 3

EMA Chief Executive Brett O’Riley and Dieter Adam, also Executive Director of The Manufacturers’ Network, and Employment Relations and Safety Manager Paul Jarvie, as well as a senior executive of Worksafe’s, in the wake of this afternoon’s announcement to find out more about how this will practically work.

What Alert Level 3 might look like - an update with Brett O'Riley

Brett O’Riley shares an update on what a transition to Alert Level 3 might look like and answers members questions around how different industries might tackle this change.  Member Questions are focussed on how different categories of workers might be impacted given their current status.

Resilient leadership through crisis

Bernard Powell, Founder & Ambassador for Premier Group Ltd and Cheewei Kwan, Partner Leadership Solutions for Kerridge & Partners will join the EMA’s Chief Executive Brett O’Riley to discuss what it truly means to be a resilient leader when crisis strikes.

Agile workforce - remote workers

Paul Brophy, NZ Country Manager for CXC Global will teach you how to effectively manage your remote workers, and drive engagement across teams. Hamish Wilson, Partner – Consulting for Deloitte joins for a Q+A where they share top tips for maintaining productivity while your people are working in ‘non-typical’ work environments.

Restructure & Redundancy

Hear from Matthew Dearing, Head of Legal for EMA and Jason Tuck, Employment Relations Consultant as they talk through the complexities of restructure and redundancy. They will discuss the impact wage subsidy payments,  changes of hours and 80% payments have on potential restructure and redundancy plans.

Mental Health for Employees

In this video hear from Peter Simunovich, Rehabilitation Consultant for the EMA, who will explain how and why your mental health may change during a time of crisis, and what you can do every day to enhance your stress management through healthy coping mechanisms.

Managing Employee Leave (Extended Q&A)

The EMA Head of Legal Matt Dearing and Teuila Clifford, Payroll Services Manager from Foodstuffs, will cover the really hard stuff when the rubber-hits-the-road, and what the law means in practice.  This is a deeper dive into the wage subsidy and the Easter public holidays from a Payroller’s perspective.

How the banks can help businesses and people during the COVID-19 pandemic

On the back of the recent announcement from government around the $6.2b loan guarantees for SMEs, we talk to Karna Luke, GM Growth & Performance, Partnership Banking at BNZ to find out more about how banks can help during this pandemic.

Managing Employee Leave

Hear from Payroll expert Teuila Clifford from Foodstuffs, and Matthew Dearing, Head of EMA Legal as they talk through how to navigate the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, the wage subsidy, and the Holidays Act. This includes a 40 minute Q+A, with your curliest questions being answered.

Retention & Redeployment

Join Matthew Dearing, Head of EMA Legal as we explore how to effectively redeploy staff to keep them employed, legal parameters in your existing contract and policies framework.

Mental Health for Employers

In this video Paul Jarvie, Employment Relations and Safety Manager at the EMA, talks you through the challenges of managing employee mental health.