Businesses looking to protect the health of their employees by supporting staff working from home, have led to a surge in demand for video conferencing technology and other collaboration tools.

Tip 1: Consider the integrity and security of your IT systems in your BCP, particularly how you will safeguard your data.

Tip 2: Know what to do if a data breach does occur.

Anchoring on E-Commerce – A practical starters guide on your virtual shop window

Hear from Julian Bartram, Local Community Manager for Shopify, as he breaks down the capabilities and opportunities the Shopify platform provides, and how you can utilise the tools to drive an exceptional customer experience.Travis O’Keefe, CEO of Tewhare Hukahuka & Nuku, joins for a live QnA where we answer all of your burning e-commerce questions. 

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Cybersecurity Essentials for Employees - Email Security, eLearning

Email is one of the primary means by which cyber-criminals target and cause damage to individuals and businesses through social engineering attacks, malware and ransomware. By taking necessary steps while sending and receiving mail one can reduce the probability of becoming targets of malicious cyber-attacks.

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EMA Certificate in Digital Media Strategy and Design

Businesses today have more marketing options available that ever before - A Digital Marketing Strategy is the plan that shows the business benefits of data assets and technology focused initiatives. Social Media Marketing, websites, and the use of analytics to both attract and retain customers are essential in most businesses today

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