Exports/ Imports

If there is ongoing disruption to businesses due to COVID-19, below are some guidelines and links to help keep supply chains running.
There are also ongoing disruptions to global supply chains based on changes and speed of shipping routes. We provide key links to stay up to date on delays.

Trade recovery strategy update with MFAT

Hear from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Deputy Secretary, Vangelis Vitalis, and Divisional Manager of the Economic Division, Catherine Graham, who share details of plans to get trade back on track so businesses can rebuild and recover.

Manufacturing - The key to rebuilding the economy

In this video, we hear from EMA Chief Executive Brett O’Riley, Dieter Adam, the EMA’s The Manufacturers’ Network Executive Director, and Nick Collins, Chief Executive of Metals NZ, as they discuss the current state of local manufacturing, and talk you through where opportunity lies for growth and prosperity.

Webinar Series In Partnership with
ATEED and Regional Business Partner Network

Supply Chain sustainability

Hear from Craig Sain, General Manager of Commercial Relationships, and Reinhold Goeschl, General Manager of Supply Chain from Ports of Auckland, as they provide an update on road and rail disruptions, how the Port is operating in the different lock down levels, and explain how you can optimise cargo resources.

Export Heat Map

select by industry sector and geography where our businesses are exporting